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Some express their feelings by words, by flowers, by chocolate and anything else romantic we could think of. This year we have something to add to this row of love statements. Maison Labiche created in collaboration with the Parisian illustrator Jean André a capsule collection expressing the different shades of feelings that pop up when it comes to love.


Jean André is an art director and the owner of Bonjour Tattoo Club in Paris. His signature: hearts interlaced with words, erotic tattoos, and the contour of silhouettes. Simple designs with clean lines and no shading create a unique, yet minimal kind of style.

He attracted worldwide attention for his (semi-)nude tattooed figures that have made a niche for themselves among the fine art world. Beautiful, incredibly feminine illustrations of heavily tattooed female figures. If you ask Jean André with regard to his work where the line between fine art and tattoos begin to blur, Jean André says it’s all relative. “Tattoos are more iconic, more catchy like a punchline. Fine art is about feelings and stories.”

His illustrations and tattoo designs are hyped in the tattoo scene, the Parisian clientele is rushing over there to get a Jean André artwork.

So if you can’t wait to carry a Jean André graphic on your skin, you better get one stitched on a white (or black) tee.


Maison Labiche is a Parisian brand that stands for beautiful, timeless products, manufactured to the highest standards. It all began with an icon, the hand-embroidered white T-shirt, which is still the focus of the collection today.

Maison Labiche (specialized in embroidery) and Jean André (popular tattoo artist) is an obvious encounter of two universes linked by Paris, their both home city and its specialty, Love. They also have in common the pretty words and a precise way of drawing, tattooing or embroidering them.

For this Valentine's Day, the artist and the fashion brand collaborate on a capsule line of unisex products, for him and for her.

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