A tribute to basics


The secret for the perfect look is as simple as tricky: It’s about the basics it is built on.

When I say “perfect look”, I am thinking of the look that makes you feel pretty and confident. To reach this state, the basics you are combining need to be comfortable, fitting your body, with a cozy touch on your skin and should be tailored to serve you many years to come.

No matter if you combine basics only or add a statement piece, still, the basics underline your look. However, basics usually tend to get our attention, not at the first but the second glance. But on closer inspection, it is obvious that high-quality basics are the essence of your wardrobe.


//1// Perfect fit: A perfect fit brings your outfit to the next level. The whole look is automatically perceived as being of premium quality.

//2// High-quality fabrics: Try to focus only on high-quality fabrics when it comes to basic pieces. Prefer materials made from natural fibers like cotton and wool or fibers produced from natural sources like viscose or modal. You will see and feel the difference. And if you treat your garments right, you will be able to enjoy them over a long time.

//3// Production: The binding link of the perfect fit and high-quality fabrics is high standard production. Sure, the tailoring is crucial. But isn’t it also as important as to know that the clothes you are carrying align with the ethics to hold? Fair and sustainable production does make a difference.

What would our wardrobes, and the fashion industry look like, if we truly invested in our clothing? 


Not sure where to start? Here is our personal selection for the current top 3 basic pieces, the shirt, the jeans, and the cashmere sweater.


The item every must-have fashion basics list starts with: The (white) t-shirt. Whether you need solid, modern office wear in combination with jeans and blazer, an easy summer style or just something underneath your sweater, a classy shirt is always the right choice. As simple as the style is, differences in quality have an immediate effect on your look.

The main white t-shirt from the Danish brand BLANCHE is one of those white t-shirts combining all the features of shape, touch & fabric. The shirt is made of densely woven 100 % GOTS certified cotton*. With its slightly oversized cut, it’s the cool interpretation of all the classic white t-shirts out there.

If you like shirts that fit like a second skin, you will love the BLANCHE Choen shirt. It is incredibly soft and light, you don’t even feel like wearing a shirt. They look classy on every occasion. Wear it with a jacket for a sophisticated look, with knitwear like cardigans or see-through sweater or underneath low neckline piece to cover up on colder days.

Maison Labiche is all about versatile everyday staples we just can't do without. Made from extra soft pure cotton, the embroidery spreads subtly your statement of the day.


Denim is one of those fabrics that is literally made to be carried over decades. The only challenge that needs to be met is to find the right fit. A pair of jeans with a clean look, no scratches or used washing, will never be out of style. Different cuts are hyped through different seasons. The only thing you need to consider is finding the style that supports your silhouette in the best way. Designer Henriette dedicated her creative work to achieve the ultimate fit in jeans and taking pride in pioneering craftsmanship Pieszak (read the full brand portrait HERE). These jeans don’t gape, there is just the right amount of stretch in them. The Emily Mom Jeans from Pieszak just ultimately makes your bum and legs look fantastic!

The classic among the classic styles is definitely the Rae Classic Jeans in heavy Enzyme wash from BLANCHE. Cut and color follow the typical characteristics of blue jeans: mid waist, straight cut, indigo blue. These jeans are made from BCI certified cotton**.

Some say that the skinny jeans will be less relevant in 2019 but we believe the skinny style will always be there. Go for the dark grey high waist Jade Jeans from BLANCHE and you wouldn’t want to change this pair again. Super light and stretchy, the Jeans follows every move. These jeans are made from BCI certified cotton**. 

The cashmere sweater is the year-round cozy but classy piece. Intrinsically linked with winter fashion, cashmere is actually equal pleasant to wear in spring and summer. Thanks to its extraordinary properties, cashmere keeps you wonderfully warm during cool days and balances out the rising temperatures when it’s getting warmer.


But cashmere is not cashmere. The quality range of natural fiber is huge. Checking the price range it is an investment where to spend a little more extra but you won’t regret it. You will feel the difference.

The Cami Rib Sweater from BLANCHE is cut for an oversized fit and has extra-long, knuckle-grazing sleeves that add to its cozy feel. A super soft knit, made of 100 % fine natural cashmere.

Choose between the colors beige for a nude look and the sunny yellow for shiny days.


*The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibers, including ecological and social criteria, backed up by independent certification of the entire textile supply chain.
**The Better Cotton Initiative exists to make global cotton production better for the people who produce it, better for the environment it grows in and better for the sector’s future. BCI aims to transform cotton production worldwide by developing Better Cotton as a sustainable mainstream commodity.

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