Meet PIESZAK - A denim love affair

We have come across to the most perfect fitting jeans ever. Therefore, we would like to introduce you to a little hidden denim champion, called PIESZAK.




HEAD OFFICE: Copenhagen

HALLMARK: Unbelievable fit and cut in jeans with a fashion-forward femininity


We all know about the struggle to find a pair of jeans that fits perfectly every type of figure… Well, until now! These jeans don’t gape, there is just the right amount of stretch in them, they are mid to high rise and just ultimately make your bum and legs look fantastic! Pieszak is on an endless journey to achieve the ultimate fit in jeans and taking pride in pioneering craftsmanship.   


Henriette has worked in fashion since age 18. She is educated as a production engineer within the Danish textile industry and has more than 30 years of experience in fashion, working in all aspects of the trade. She worked in Italy for three years, specializing in every detail of her deepest passion, jeans manufacturing. She continues to try every single style in the design process as she feels that the smallest detail like moving a seem or a pocket half an inch can make the difference between making a woman look good and making her look fabulous. The designs are expressions of her own style and lifelong love affair with high fashion, and Henriette tries to capture and personalize a contemporary urban lifestyle in her collections.


Pieszak is committed in strong and reliable partnerships with suppliers they trust. For example the close and longstanding collaboration with textile manufacturer ISKO, one of the world’s leading ingredient brand in quality denim manufacturing. This allows them to remain at the forefront of product development by choosing only the very best textile quality for their jeans. To stay close to production facilities they have a Pieszak production office in Turkey. Where they supervise the production of their denim and help suppliers grow sustainable businesses. Pieszak is devoted to improve and innovate all steps of their production and distribution to constantly make a better version of our company. They try to realize all standard requirements for the entire value chain. From organic cultivation, low water consumption, sound chemical use, and working conditions complying to ILO standards.


  • In 2017 Pieszak was awarded ‘CSR of the Year’ at ELLE Style Awards in Denmark for the brand’s unrelenting work with paving the way for sustainable denim.
  • Pieszak is proud to be the first Danish denim manufacturer to receive the prestigious Nordic Swan Ecolabel, which is the official ecolabel of the Nordic countries, imposing strict requirements for both environmental and social conditions throughout the supply chain from cotton field to end product.
  • Pieszak Swan is the line of jeans created with the environment in mind. Each pair of jeans is made of organic and recycled fibers. The jeans have been produced with 40% reduction in water usage, 30% reduction in energy usage, and 30% reduction in the usage of chemical products.
  • Matching their eco-jeans PIESZAK developed a ‘Dry Wash’ jeans care which refreshes your jeans in a hurry without doing any damage for your jeans and environment. It extends the life of your Denim by extending the time between washing and refreshes in a balanced fragrance with notes of green iris flower and citrus.

We are thrilled that Pieszak is taking the sustainable lead so that we now get the chance to buy eco-labeled jeans with an amazing fit. What more could a girl want? Maybe the perfect shoes, too ;)

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